Dino-Lite Digital Microscope:
The portability of this microscope can let you explore all those areas which will inaccessible with other bulky microscope. With our convenient handheld design you no longer have the restraints of bulky & expensive traditional microscope. With Dino-Lite handheld microscope’s, you can easily see magnified images instantly onto your computer or projected onto large screen.
Imagine explaining a complex object to an audience, but instead of using boring lifeless pictures or unconvincing videos. Show it live directly to your audience and interact with their curiosities with our Dino-Lite handheld Digital Microscope. This is just one small example of the many ways our products redefine the microscope. Many models readily available to choose from that will exceed your expectations.
The Dino-Lite microscopes are sold internationally with a large customer base in USA, Europe Asia and now even in India.

Theta Controls:
Kontrelek Instruments is a sister concern for Theta Controls Pune
Theta Controls has expertise spanning 30 years in Instrumentation, Automation Systems Engineering and Electronic Design, which makes it a reliable source of expertise for many small, medium and large scale industries across various sectors in India.
Led by an IIT graduate, Theta has strong team of qualified engineers among more than 65 people who are committed to deliver advanced and efficient solutions combined with excellent service.

Kontrelek Instruments, Pune:
Kontrelek Instruments is based in Pune, and are the Distributors of Dino-Lite digital microscopes in India, a product of Anmo Electronics, Taiwan.
Kontrelek Instruments is also Distributors of Autonics range of Industrial Instruments, Controllers, Sensors and Motion Products.

ANMO Electronics Corporation, Taiwan:
Dino-Lite is a product from ANMO Electronics Corporation, Taiwan.
ANMO is the pioneer in digital microscopes and has been in the field for over 10 years known for its quality products.
AnMo constantly upgrades the technology and perform highly professional researches to pursue new ideas and breakthroughs in the imaging field.
The marketing policy for AnMo is, constantly improve technology with highly professional research and provides total solutions for digital image module.
Striving for perfection, AnMo’s quality policy is “to offer quality goods at competitive price to our customers and to be a reliable partner of our customers and suppliers.

Visit our website for more information:  www.dino-lite.com


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